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30 minutes studio portrait photography, 5 processed digital photos
Starting AED 498ย AED 249 only!


  • Lucia Laskovskรก

    I made there a passport size pictures, full body professional picture and I can say - Professional staff, quickly responding on messages/calls. Recommend it ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Amy Cummins

    Very professional and enjoyable shoot,thanks for making me Smile! I love my photos,I will be back for the family photos soon!
    Highly recommended!ย ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜

  • Leon Hart

    I just finished my first Photography 101 course last Saturday under the guidance of Mr. Abdul Azeez. I had the most informative, enjoyable time and, was extremely helpful in setting up my newly acquired camera. Photography concepts were explained in a clear, easy to understand manner. I am certainly looking forward to continue my journey with Strap Studios.

  • Alex

    Excellent work, fast, easy to work with. Enjoyed my experience with Strap Studios. Thanks!

  • Faraz Lohani

    It was amazing!
    Very helpful and professional staff.
    Would highly recommend.

  • Madhurima Kalyan

    It was wonderful photography session this morning@Strap Studios. Mr. Abdul Azeez Samson with his decades of experience & expertise was an amazing tutor/instructor to learn from. The session was very informative & interesting. Looking forward to continue my journey into the world of photography@Strap Studios.

  • Emma Brain

    Had a super fun time with the guys at Strap Studios. Very professional. Took the time to get good shots. Fabulous hair and make-up artist. Iโ€™d highly recommend them.

  • Bilal Jamal

    Great photos, service and helpful. Thank you.

  • Sandee Michelle

    Had a great experience today at Strap Studio learning more about Photography. Definitely will be going back and recommend.

  • Sandee Phillips

    Fantastic Instructor, very knowledgeable and very hands on with getting the information across.

  • Sara Sto Domingo

    I had an excellent experience today. Staff were very accommodating and helpful. Definitely will come back for another shoot!

  • Al Mira

    Wanna learn about photography?
    I would highly recommend strap studios!!Experience the fun and memorable moments with their kind, patient and very accommodating staff while learning.
    Sir. Abdul Aziz, Sir. Anuj and to our very patient model Ms. Anu thank you for sharing your knowledge to us we appreciated all your hard works to teach us.
    Thank you and God bless you all, and the company..

  • Eila Blon

    anyone who wants to learn photography, I highly recommend strap studio for those people as they are really dedicated in making better learner in photography. I wish all the best for strap studio for better future.t hank u
    โ€” with Shanta Shrestha.

  • Lory Caro Atillo

    Well, what more can I say?! Great people, nice studio, approachable staffs, and a very positive ambiance. ๐Ÿ‘Œโค๏ธ Highly recommended for those who are willing to learn to be a professional photographer. Thank you so much for the experienced.. We will miss the team that we used to work with! Special mention to Sir Abdul Aziz, Sir Anuj, and our beautiful model Anu.

  • Elena Igcas Importado

    At first, I think it is enough that I know how to click and take pictures, on any other camera.
    Until our group enter in " Strap Studio" There, I learned a lot and found out that it's not just about to click and take pictures. In Strap Studio you will learn a lot of tactics, a lot of advance tricks, focus, useful and interesting.
    Sir Abdul Aziz, Sir Anuj, our very accommodating model Anupriya and the whole team.... thank you!
    One day, I'll become one of the Photographer.... it's because of " Strap Studio".
    Highly recommend, Thank you!

  • Shanta Shrestha

    My experience at strap studio would be useful for whole life, classes were interesting and fun filled and informative conducted in quite environment. u could learn so much in short period of time. both instructor and team were so humble and kind enough to clear all your doubts during and after the classes. thank you strap studio for the opportunity.
    โ€” with Al Mira.

  • Durga Khaling

    It was amazing experience with strap studios. And all the tutors & staffs are remarkable, thank you strap studios. I would recommend this institute to everyone//

  • Lexy Sapitan

    Had a great experience with Strap Studio team. All the staff are friendly and accommodating. Big thanks to Sir Abdul Aziz, Anuj and Anupriya for your professionalism while imparting your knowledge about photography.

  • Maโ€™moon Ali Koya

    Friendly folks greeted me when i entered strap studio. Even though late in the evening, they were in no hurry to finish my photoshoot and tried to make me feel at ease. Tried a number of poses which all turned out great. A number of candid pics were also taken which came out very well. Overall, they were fabulous to work with.

  • Sibin Thomas

    one of the best studio in Abu Dhabi, and i learned about most advanced tricks in photography and very polite people also

  • Affa Manal

    Strap Studios came up with this amazing community initiative this Ramadan allowing people to come and have their professional photos taken to enhance their career profiles along with offering the opportunity to have CVs reviewed by Anita from ACC Consulting. I would start with Ellaine who went above and beyond for getting my slot arranged that best suited my availability. On shoot day, I had run 20mins late from my shoot appointment, however, Ellaine welcomed me warmly and had me accommodated straight away. Alexandra, HMUA, did quick touchups and had me ready for my shoot! The entire shoot team was very friendly and patient in making me feel comfortable resulting in wonderful photos. Also, I had the chance to sit with Anita who shared her knowledgeable insights and recommendations on how to best improvise my CV that would reflect me at best. All in all, it was a lovely experience with a lovely team and a great way to give back to the community! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  • Abdullah Alawneh

    Me and my family, we have had a great experience at Strap Studios, I think they are the best in the city, I encourage everyone to try it, because itโ€™s not only a photo, you can see a new sides of yourself and character through their Camera ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ๐ŸŒบ

  • Mohd Lebadeh

    It was quite an experience getting tweaked and manipulated like a puppet; obediently adjusting the angle of my head and "negative space" (learned that from Strap) between my arm and torso, etc. I thought to myself "I'm going to look so dorky in those pics!!". The flash goes off, Anuj/Elaine were not happy. More adjustments followed, and more flashes. Anuj/Elaine were finally content and spun the laptop hooked to the camera towards me. My jaw dropped to floor, there is no way that was me. The picture looked photoshopped it was so good, but they assured me that was a live unedited pic. I still can't believe my own eyes.
    Honestly, even if you think you don't need a professional photo, do yourself a favour and pay Strap a visit. The magic they do with the camera is mind blowing.

  • Hitendra Pai

    Honestly it was a best experience with Strap Studios @ Abu Dhabi.
    They were extremely professional, courteous & made the photo shoot seamless & easy.
    Big thank you to Strap studios, Elaine, Abdul Aziz, Anupriya & Alex.
    Highly recommended for fashion, portrait, wedding, family, event, corporate, product - Videography / Photography.

  • Naureen kamal

    I had a brilliant experience with the professional, friendly team at strap Studios! I walked in sleep deprived but they managed to get some very good shots! I truly tested their patience with my very awkward poses ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜… but they totally saved the day and got me to look at camera with ease! Elaine, Abdul Aziz, Anupriya and Anuj, thank you for your help, creativity and the fun shoot! I look forward to more sessions in the future!
    Keep up the spirit!

  • Jules Paul

    It is not easy to maintain a charming self while trying to correct the many things that needs to be fixed for the perfect picture but at the Strap Studio itโ€™s all in a day work .
    The team went above and beyond the usual and were very sweet, accommodating and very patient. I was lucky to be selected as one of the candidates for the community initiative and they had a whole team arranged from make-up to hair and professional advice on the best pose for the best pics.
    The team was professional, courteous and yet painstakingly took their time to explain each pose and patiently went through many retakes and redoโ€™s.
    Special thanks to Mr. Abdul Aziz and Ellaine for making me feel at ease during the shoot.
    A huge Thank you Strap Studios for thinking of this initiative as a way to give back to the community -it was the best experience in a studio.

  • Blessie Selerio-Haun

    Strap Studios have organized a giving back initiative this Ramadan, I'm one of few lucky ones to be given this opportunity. From the moment we entered the studio, we were greeted by Elaine whose been very accomodating and helpful throughout our session. She assembled a team of volunteers that day from HMUA, to coaching and portrait shots photogs etc., with all common goals of reaching out and helping others. Indeed, a memorable experience worth sharing. We were pampered and given enough time to make the most of our experience. From Alexandra, working out her talented hands to enhance your face feature to make ready for the camera. Elaine, beeming with sunshine persona, extends her patience to our shy-shelves till we get comfortable in front of lenses. It was lovely working out our best angles and being models for these esteemed and professional photographers. Anita, a remarkable coach, sharing insights on bringing out the best in you to reflect on your cv. Love her upfront and straight forward approach, very knowledgeable and experience in her field.
    Overall, this is one for the books. I am grateful for the experience and wish no less than great success to the whole team.
    Must say, they have not just delivered but went over and beyond. This is "Service with a Heart".โ™ฅ๏ธ More power to you!๐Ÿ‘Œ

  • Ali Iqbal

    Highly recommend as I found them to be one of the most professional yet friendly people which makes you comfortable so the best results can be delivered

  • Kiko Ibasco

    professional and creative we Bert Ibasco recommend Strap Studios!

  • Star Hys

    I had my photo-shoot yesterday. Everyone there was professional, courteous, and patient. My photos turned out great. I would highly recommend this studio.

  • Ermie Joy Suyamin Rn

    Not one of the best BUT the best in my two years here in UAE. Theyโ€™re accomodating and tried their very best to give me the best angle and shots! encouraged me to relax and enjoy, while MS Anita looked and fixed my cv to be more acceptable. I appreciate all! thank u so much

  • Anfal Abdul Saheb

    Honestly one of the best studios I have been to. the photographers are so helpful and professional and they make you feel so comfortable. I cannot wait to go back for a family photoshoot.

  • Lejin Abraham

    For Professional Photos & Quality Videos....

  • Zubair Rehman

    Real professionals with tons of experience.

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