Photo Processing and Enhancement

Duration : 2 weeks-2 days (Friday and Saturday) Timings: 3 hours each session (3:00pm - 6:00pm) upto 10 pax/ session

Total(excl. vat)

2900 AED

About Course

A Photo Processing and Enhancement course is a class that teaches students the various techniques and methods used to improve the quality and appearance of digital photographs. The course may cover topics such as image editing software, color correction, exposure adjustment, and image compositing.

Students will learn how to use software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to edit and enhance their photographs. They will learn how to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color balance of an image, as well as how to remove unwanted elements and fix common problems such as red-eye and lens distortion.

The course may also cover advanced topics such as high dynamic range (HDR) photography and panoramic image stitching. HDR photography involves merging multiple images of the same scene taken at different exposures to create an image with a wider dynamic range, which can result in more details in both the shadows and highlights. Panoramic image stitching is the process of combining multiple photos taken at different angles to create a single, wide-angle image.

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to practice their skills through hands-on assignments and projects. They will also receive feedback on their work.

Overall, a Photo Processing and Enhancement course is a great way for photographers and photography enthusiasts to improve their skills and take their photographs to the next level.

Students must bring their laptop with the Adobe Photoshop software installed. Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is an added advantage.